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Monday, November 28, 2011

December Challenge

December Challenge
   For the month of December I am challenging myself! What?! Yea, I know, challenging myself during a holiday month! But, as I went out to my garage and peeked into my freezer, I noticed something: I have meats that I have forgotten about. I had packs of chicken that I had purchased while they were on sale, sausage rolls, and much more. So, for the month of December, I have challenged myself not to purchase meats, and to use what I have in my freezer. Can it be done? Yes it can, I just have to plan ahead. I did leave the exception of Christmas Dinner. Since my mother-in-law moved 2 hours away, we are doing my husbands side of the family on Christmas Eve, at our house, since we live in the middle of his mom and his sister. I will deligate on food items to bring by other family members but I will be doing the majority of the food. So I will be purchasing a small turkey and a ham.

    During this month I will also be adding in No Meat Mondays! That will save on the use of meats! No only will we be using less meat but we will be heating a little healthier as well. Its always a good idea to implement 1 or 2 meatless meals a week. As for me, I could go 3 or 4 meatless meals a week and so could my kids but I have a husband who likes his proteins, rather its in chicken, beef, or pork form, he likes his protein.

     Another pro to using what I have in my freezer is that I save on my grocery bill! That is a major plus factor considering it is December and we all know what holiday comes in December : CHRISTMAS!!! That means I can spend more on presents this year! (Hopefully) My budget that I am going to be sticking to each week is $75. (With the exception of Christmas Week and I am hoping to spend no more than $125 that week) So, that means I will be spending no more than $350 on groceries for the month of December. That means that I will have to be more resourceful with my funds since there are Christmas parties going on just about every week.

      I will be posting my menu plan for each week and whats I spent on groceries for that week as well! I hope that you join in the challenge with me or set one up for yourself!

Menu Plan for the week of November 28th-December 4th

Monday: Homemade Chili- Perfect for a COLD RAINY/SNOWY Night! 
Tuesday: BBQ Pork Shoulder Baked Potatoes- Freezer Meal
Wednesday: Leftover Chili and Hot dogs (church night)
Thursday: Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Apples (recipe will be posted on that day), Green Beans, Baked Potatoes
Friday: Homemade Pizza
Saturday: Chuck E. Cheese (Our son's birthday party)
Sunday: Soup and Sandwhiches

I have a great menu plan set up for this week! I also have a busy week ahead and really only have to cook one full meal on Thursday. I am ready planning the next weeks menu but will post it later on, incase I have some changes.

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