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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


As I mentioned in my last blog, things will be changing on here! I have recently gotten into couponing! More on that later, but I wanted to share with you my deals that I got today while making a quick trip to the store!

I purchased What would have been over $35 worth of groceries for only $19.15. I wanted to stay under $20 this trip since I needed very little to get us through to the next big shopping trip next week! I took advantage of Kroger's 10 for $10 deals this week. (no you don't have to buy 10 items to get the sale) The following items I purchased:

2 jars Kroger brand pickle spears ( I must has pickles in the house, I am addicted) ($1.99 ea.)
1 jar Kroger brand pickles slices (these pickles I paid full price for :( $1.99)
4 bottles Dawn Dish Detergent ($1.00 ea)
1 Kroger brand cream cheese ($1.00)
1 bag Kroger brand Tortilla chips ($1.00) I actually prefer these over name brand!
1 tub Kroger brand Ranch dip ($1.00)
1 box Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix ($1.00)
3 boxes Crest toothpaste ($1.00 ea)
1 bag Kroger brand shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 block Kroger brand Cheddar Cheese (both of these for 3 for $5 but I just got 2, had a coupon for .50 off 2)
1 pkg ea. White Gravy Seasoning Mix ($1.00), Kroger brand Brown Chili seasoning mix ($.52), and Kroger brand Brown Gravy Mix ($.69)
1 tub Kroger Brand Reduced Fat Sour Cream ($1.00)

My coupons were as follows:
3 $.50 off one Crest Toothpaste (which Kroger doubles to $1.00 making the toothpaste free plus $.5 tax each!)
3 $.25 off one Dawn Dish Soap (which Kroger doubles to $.50 making each bottle $.50 each plus tax)
1 $.50 off one Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap (which Kroger doubles to $1.00 making this bottle free plus tax)
1 $.50 off Kroger Coupon for and 2 Kroger Brand Cheese item (Kroger does not double its own store coupons or e-coupons)

MFG Coupon Saving :$2.25
Bonus Coupon Saving: $2.25 )This is where Kroger doubles the MFG coupon)
Kroger Plus Saving: $12.78
Total Savings: $16.78

Even though I only spent $19.15, I had 22 fuel points added to my card!

Now, I am sharing all this with you for one reason...To show you that you can do just like I have! If you are needed to trim your grocery bill (which besides a mortgage payment, this is the highest bill in the average home) you can do this way!!

Go to Kroger.com and enter your Kroger Plus Saving card # and you can download e-coupons! These are paperless coupons that automatically come off your bill once you scan your card! Make sure you print your coupon list so you can remember what you downloaded! You can use e-coupons plus store coupons (ones they send you in the mail), plus MFG coupons all for one item!! That means you get a ridiculously good deal on groceries!!! I will be posting more as the days go on so make sure you check back! I know I have people reading the blog but I would like for y'all to follow it as well!! I hope this helps someone today!!!

Be sure to check back this evening for our dinner menu recipe : Stuffed Pork Chops with Lemon butter sauce!!

~Remember to put God first, and everything else will follow~

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  1. Thank you for the simple breakdown of how you saved so much! Looking forward to the recipe as well!! Hope you are having a great day. ~Michele Maupin