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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pantry Challenge September!

Ok People!!! Its that time of year again! I am doing my very own Pantry Challenge! I did one several months ago for a couple of weeks and enjoyed it! I look at my pantry and I see so many items that need to be used up. I also have a freezer full of foods. Now, I might have to purchase some meats in bulk because I am getting a little low, and thats ok! I am going ot set a budget and stick to it for the month! I will have to purchase lunch items, like lunch meat, cheese, chips, canned peaches for lil man, and yogurt. I will also purchase fresh fruits and milk, maybe some potatoes or here and there items but I am mainly going to focus of foods that I have already.

I normally spend somewhere between $650-$700 a  month for a family of 4. My challenge is only spend $60-$75 a week. So, around $240-$300 a month on groceries..... Thats a whopping $400 savings this month! I know I can do it!! Are you going to go on board again?

First, you have to look at what you have in your pantry. I have several boxes of potato casseroles that I purchased with coupons for nearly pennies. I need to use them up soon! I also have some cans of enchilada sauces and some pkgs of tortillas that need to be used! Get a sheet of paper and on one side make a list of pantry items and on the other make a list of fridge and freezer items. This will give you a better idea as to what you have on hand already and what you need actually need to purchase.

Second, write out a menu plan for the week or 2 weeks. I do this for 2 weeks at a time. That way I am better prepared when I do shopping. I know that if the items is on sale this week, it might not be the next so I will go ahead a purchase it.

and Last, STICK TO YOUR SHOPPING LIST!!! I usually go to the grocery store when I have plenty of time to look and shop around and I always purchase more than we need. I will see a new item and think, "Oh I can make this", even when its not on my menu plan. Now, I go in when I have just enough time to get what I need and get out. If I see something I want to try, I make a note of it, come home and add it to my menu plan for the next time.

I will be adding our menu plans and pictures!! I am still working on videos!

I hope you take on this challenge with me!

~Remember to put God first, and everything else will follow~