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Monday, August 22, 2011

A little Bit Happy....

Wow!! Has time gone by or what? The kids have started school! Emma is in 1st grade and Dillon is in his last year of preschool! He will be entering Kindergarten next fall... My babies are growing up so fast! They both are learning so much and actually love school. I hope they keep that attitude all the way through. Emma comes home with homework, we sit down at the kitchen table and as she goes over her work, I marvel at all that she is learning!

Hubby was on vacation all last week. We took a staycation! We stayed home, but ate out and spent money like we were on vacation! But, it was all in good doing! WE renevated the kitchen, dinning room and laundry room! Tore up all the floors and laid new tile, painted, and replaced the french door in the dinning room. Doesnt seem like much but it took 8 long days and even longer nights to get it done! But, we are so glad that we did!! It looks so much better!!

Loving the finished product~
I still have to decor it but that will come!!

Hubby and I also sat down last and started writing out a budget. We need to get a couple of things paid off this year and the only way to do it is to stick to a budget! Luckily, I have a freezer full of meats and veggies, a pantry full of rice and potatoes! So, all I needed to do was purchased some lunch items and milk and some dairy. I spent $67.17 today at our local Kroger! Not too shabby for everything I got:

4 gallons of milk
2 pks nitrite and nitrate free hotdogs (Dillons favorite)
yogurt, all natural
salt, non-iodized
2 pkgs butter (the heathly kind)
2 pkgs bottled water
2 heads of lettuce
1 pkg shredded cheese
3 pkgs slice cheese (I usually get deli sliced but this was on sale this week)
2 pkgs lunch meat ( Same here on the deli sliced but this week was on sale)
1 pkg white cornmeal

I may have missed one or two more items...
We are waiting till the first of the month to set a budget on groceries.

I have been one busy lady here lately. I have done a weeks worth of construction, cooked and feed 100 people, I am PTA president at my daughters school and I am trying to sale my mother-in-laws house! 

In the coming days, I will post a blog about a no-sew blanket that I made my nephew for his birthday! It was super easy and he loved it!!!

I will also started adding videos to my blog and may even start a Youtube channel! Let me know your feed back on that!

Please comment on any ideas that you may have for blogs or videos!  

~Remember to put God first, and everything else will follow~

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