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Friday, January 7, 2011

Let's get started!!

I am one who loves, loves, LOVES to make list....but not one who likes to follow them all the time! I love having a routine...but I don't like to follow it all the time. I LOVE having a menu plan...but I don't like to follow it all the time...getting my drift?? This year, one of my personal goals is to stick with whatever I am doing! If I make a list for the grocery store...stick with it. So on and on...

Over the weekend, I am planning on tackling my freezer planning meals, grocery list, cutting coupons and organizing them, meal planning for the rest of the month, chore planning, and catching up on house work! In with that, I am going to get hubby to help me inventory our pantry/fridge and both freezers. WHEW, come Monday I am going to be ready for another weekend! There are many, many blogs that I love to read and follow! I get ideas and learn lots from reading them. Though I have had a blog since 2009, I have only mostly been posting recipes and a few couponing adventures. This is what I am revamping my blog with this year:

* Coupons- how to, where to, organization, and using. Deals that I get and how you can get them too!

* Frugal cleaning tips

* Menu Planning

* Freezer Cooking

* Our journey to saving money

* And my life in general- very exciting, I tell ya! LOL

My husband has been blessed with a awesome job. Though he works long hours most days, we have been blessed! I have been able to stay home with our 2 children since I had our oldest, Emma, 6 years ago! I did hold a Real Estate license and plan on getting back into it part time this year. We are a 1 income family. Its works for us. Our grocery bill use to be around $800 a month for a family of 4. I have cut that down to less than $500 a month with couponing and menu planning and so on. I will share with you how I do it later on in more post! My ultimate goal is to get down to $75 a week, including all personal and toiletries items. It can be done! That doesn't mean we will be living on oatmeal, beans and rice, It just means, MENU PLANNING and FREEZER COOKING!! Some of the ways I plan on doing so is by:

* Gardening (we have had a garden the past 4 years and last year we got over 500 tomatoes which I canned)

* Freezer Cooking

* Eating less processed foods and more made from scratch.

* Getting local farm raised beef, pork and chicken

That is just a few. Late last summer we added a Chicken coup to our backyard so we get fresh eggs everyday!! I make my own Chicken stock (most of the time) and I make homemade bread and rolls (some of the time). I will be doing this a lot more than I did last year! Another one of our goals I have set for us is to see how frugal we can get. We are planning a trip to Disney World this year so we have to get frugal!!

I plan on blogging everyday if possible! I may have to switch blogging sites but I will make sure y'all know!! If you have any suggestions, please comment!! and Follow my blog....who knows what you might read! LOL!!!

~Remember to put God first, and everything else will follow~

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  1. Looks like you have a great plan! I too added chickens last year. We love collecting eggs every day!